Blue-the color of nature

Blue, I think it is the most beautiful color

That is the color of the sea!

That is the color of the sky!

That is the color of the earth!

Do you like blue winter too ?

I don’t know why. I have a special feeling about blue. It makes me feel very relaxed. When I feel tired after working for a long time, I walk to the window and look at the endless blue sky. It’s really incomparable. Enjoyment.

Blue is everywhere

Especially the deep blue of the sea is fascinating.

It always gives me the urge to jump into the sea and embrace it.

I can't resist the charm of blue,So I decided to give my room a blue art.

I like to decorate the room like the sea with a blue background. The ceiling uses a light blue sky background, and the floor uses a deep sea blue background. Change the curtains to blue cloth.The wall is covered with a blue background.I lie on my waterbed, the sound of waves playing on the computer, and the breeze passes through my body. , Close your eyes and you will feel you floating above the sea.

If you want to lie on a summer beach and see the blue ocean, you can also enjoy all this while lying in bed. After all, you can enjoy all this without going out. How comfortable it is.

At night, it is my most enjoyable time. There are no noisy sounds and troublesome work. Looking at the stars with an astronomical telescope, it seems that the earth is not as good as the earth beside me.

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